Monday, January 17, 2011


Before a child goes off to formal school, parents have always made it a point to have taught their children how to write their name, distinguish some basic colors and answer basic questions they may encounter in school. However, not all children have the same level of learning at the same age. Each child is a unique individual with his own pace of learning. Some children can read at a very early age while others are still getting there. There is no quick and easy way to let a child learn how to read. There are a variety of methods which teachers use to establish reading and it is best learned in school. There are some activities however, that can reinforce reading for your child.

  1. Read stories together. This can be done in the afternoons or before bedtime. Constantly reading aloud to him will gradually awaken his interest for reading. Additionally, it allows a moment of spending time together.
  2. Take him to different places with you such as the supermarket, department store, park, zoo, circus, playgrounds, parades, etc. Tell him about all the things he sees. This will enrich his vocabulary.
  3. When you go out on a family trip or vacation, talk about the place and event for this helps widen his knowledge about people and places and will develop his interest too.
  4. Allow him to explore and discover new experiences through playing, drawing, painting, molding clay and doing crafts. It will enhance his imagination and creativity.
  5. Let him watch programs on television that are child-friendly. Children learn from what they see and hear.
  6. Allow him to listen to music and let him dance and sing along too.

      Reading for preschoolers usually begin with the basic concepts and it would do good to expose your child to new and wholesome experiences around him to develop his knowledge, interest and enhance his vocabulary and by the time he enters preschool, the learning situation will be easier for him.

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