Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Maintaining Our Relationships

      After spending some years together, it gives me much speculation why most couples separate or divorce. We hear about the many itches- the 7-year itch, 10-year itch, 20-year itch, is there such a thing? What happened to the attraction and fascination for each other?
      I suppose we should blame it on how we have handled our relationships after the dazzling affairs of engagement and marriage. When the kids are born, romance has slowly dwindled with the taking of responsibilities. Everything now becomes routine and we forget what kept the spark in our relationship. Wives get bored and busy at home while husbands get busier earning to keep up with the family needs and become oblivious to the domestic goings-on. If not, both are too immersed in their own tasks and responsibilities altogether.  Did we take time to ponder on the things we must have missed? Here is a list of essentials on how to keep a relationship going.

  1. Take time out to be together. It helps build intimacy in your relationship. We love to be cherished amidst the hustle and bustle in our lives.
  2. Have open communication. Talk about anything that has transpired at work, at home and issues concerning you and your family.
  3. Say the magic word ‘I Love You’ more often. Your wives want to be assured that you love them.
  4. Hold each other as often as you can. Psychologists have proven the heartening and healing power of physical touch.
  5. Be honest about everything.  Many lies have severely damaged a lot of relationships.

      It is inevitable that relationships go through some trying moments sometimes and there really is no perfect relationship. There may be some things that we lack that causes the other to feel discontented or unsatisfied but this is due to a difference in personalities. The reason why relationships last and stay strong is because both parties have taken time to talk about their differences and the issues surrounding them. It is not easy to do but once you were able to sit down together and start talking, you have already taken the first step to a better, lasting and enjoyable relationship.

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