Monday, November 26, 2012

A Look at the latest 2012 Haircuts and Styles

      December is a busy month searching for gifts and keeping up with the latest hair fashion for the season. For those who have kept their hair as it is the whole year round, maybe it is time for you to have a new look, a new hair cut or a new hair style whether you're keeping your tresses long or short. A new look would be interesting! Vogue has introduced the latest cool hair cuts and has been shown off lately around town.

The hottest hair cut in town


      Short and long hair is given an attitude with a bob cut whether fringe,or blunt and taken a little shorter than the traditional eyebrow line. Long hair is given a little layering to add volume and is made interestingly attractive with the new ongoing trend of balayage (hair colouring trend). You would sometimes think that someone's haircolor needs a retouch.

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