Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Food and Travel Adventures with SOMETHING TO CHEW ON

      For some people, they just love to sit and watch TV all round the clock but not me. I usually choose the shows that I watch- something wholesomely interesting, entertaining and informative. One of these is the food and travel documentary show on CNN Philippines, ‘Something to Chew On’ hosted by Xandra Rocha. I have to admit however that I only discovered it now that it is on its 3rd season.
Being a food lover and I mean delectably good food that satisfies our sense of taste and appetite to its utmost and as a travel enthusiast, this show completes my Saturday night. Xandra, the charming show host takes us to different cities and provinces in the Philippines. And while exploring different, simple and elegant dishes, we get acquainted with diverse Filipino cultures. That’s what makes this show interesting. Traveling enables you to discover a lot of things about the places and its local inhabitants which you come to know better than what you read in books. 

The show does not focus merely on the place. It is also a journey about the livelihood of the people, their sports and the beautiful spots found in these cities and provinces. There are locations featured in the show that are not all too popular to the common audience and yet very rich in native arts and craftsmanship like the T’boli municipality of South Cotabato in Mindanao and Brgy Loyo, Basey, Samar.  

Ticog Arts and Crafts (Samar)
T' boli Dreamweavers

      Of course, food will always be a part of the adventure. We all love food! There is always something very distinct in every native cuisine that sets it apart from other recipes. The style of cooking…the processes…the ingredients…the spices and the herbs that are mixed all together to create a dish is a satisfying eating experience.  Tasting and eating food is not about comparing but it is all about appreciating, enjoying and savoring the flavors of the dishes.

Something to Chew On certainly has something new, something special in each episode which makes it exciting. We can always have something new to look forward to every Saturday at 7pm.

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