Wednesday, November 1, 2017


(A tribute to our loved ones who have gone from this world as we remember them)

Yes, I haven't told you yet
He asked me to hold his hand as if it was his source of strength,
I cannot cry, I cannot falter lest he sees my piercing sadness
Watching him slip with every failing breath
Yes, I lost him on a clear day such as this.

I watched his soul fly above the clear blue skies
And in the midst stood he whom they call, 'Guardian of the gate'
"Come!" he said, beckoning his soul to enter
"He, the King of kings awaits".

I watched him go where only souls were meant to tread,
No more shall I see his face nor hold him close nor hear his song,
Years may try to fade his memory
But I will always speak of him
His spirit lives eternally.

In my dreams, in my prayers, you'll always stay,
Until my journey too shall end
At last, there we will meet again
Eternal rest in God's receiving hand.

-Grace Ann Marciano

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

TEACHER you are . . .

Being called a noble profession, teachers have their share of positive and negative feedback along with those memorable and not-so memorable moments. All these are experiences they get from students, parents and sometimes in the workplace. Yet, as much as we can remember, teachers have great influence on our children. Some thing they have to be aware of which make them responsible for what they impart. More often than not, our children talk about them - what they are, what they do, what they teach them ...  well, just about everything that happened in school.

Just as in the words of Spider man, "With great power comes great responsibility." Children spend most time of the day, the most days of a year in school and with their teachers. Besides parents, teachers are given great responsibility to discover and hone the skills and abilities of their students. And furthermore enable them to become good and responsible individuals. 

In appreciation of their hard work and efforts, Teacher you are a/an:



C-atalyst for Change


E-mpowering Agent
R-isk Taker

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


When my children started eating solid foods at six months onwards, I made sure to introduce and prepare them foods that are mostly mixed with different kinds of vegetables. It was not difficult for me then to feed them. They grew up not being picky eaters.  It is well to get them started with leafy greens at a very young age to avoid reluctant and squirming children at the sight of vegetables.

Giving proper nutrition and preparing a well-balanced meal for our children has become a weekly brainstorming activity for me and my husband. We try to think of different menus to cook up daily which our children are sure to love and eat.  True enough, there are times when our children tire of the usual cooking at home. At these instances, browsing the internet for various cuisines or reproducing sumptuous restaurant menus become inevitable. It is a challenge as parents indeed. Yet, it gives us opportunity to explore different recipes we haven’t tried from our very own Filipino cuisine to the cuisine of other countries around the world. We are also led to create diverse and unique food concoctions. My children do not really mind at all as long as these are delectable and flavorsome.

Just like any other kids, my children just love to eat fast food like McDonalds, Jollibee, KFC, Chowking, etc. They would order the usual food – burgers, fried chicken, Frenchfries…you name it. On other occasions, we stay on meat dishes such as lechon kawali, beef stew and tokchon for a couple of days and binge on junk food and chocolates. We know that these are not healthy at all when eaten too often. Think of the amount of salt, sugar, MSG and fats accumulated in their bodies. Unwanted substances in the body can be flushed out by drinking lots of water and fruit juices. It is also a good thing my children take after me when it comes to salads. I would concoct various fruit and vegetable salad recipes to go along with meat and fish dishes.

Continually deviating from the cycle of a well-balanced diet and its effects on our health instigated the rise of healthy eating and emerging matters on health and wellness. These remind us of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while keeping the right foods on the dining table. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Allocating space for a home office is necessary when working freelance and doing home-based work. This allows you to have a quiet place to think and focus on your projects; let alone being bothered by your kids and other family members. I am a work-at-home mom so it was important for me to dedicate a small space of our living room where I can do my writing projects and organize some of my working stuff. 

Designing your home office depends on the amount of space you can have at home and where you want your home office to be. The living room and the bedroom are generally good locations for allotting space for a home office. It does not need to occupy a wide space. 

You can have a spacious home office if you have a big house. But for small apartments, an especially-designed home office nook should be enough to accommodate a functional working environment with just the basics - a bookshelf or two, a comfortable chair, a working table to put on your computer/laptop, a printer and a vertical tray or vertical file folders for your papers. Everything can be placed within your reach. 

And to make the most of your space, bookshelves can be attached to the wall where you can vertically or horizontally arrange important books and references and other decors. Consider hanging a whiteboard or corkboard on the wall to pin memos or important schedules for deadlines and meetups.

Adding creative details to the essentials of a home office will definitely produce a charming and serene workplace where you can seat for hours everyday doing your work.

You can visit these websites for home office design ideas

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cool and Comfy Tops this Summer 2017

The blazing heat of the sun obviously tells us summer is just around the corner. Time for picking up those light and bright colored fabrics for beating the heat.
I love jeans and skirts too. They're my basic casual outfits. I can match them up with a wide variety of sleeveless tops, blouses and shirts that come in many different styles and prints. 

Off-the-shoulder and sleeveless blouses that are made of sheer, light, silky and lacey fabrics are very good choices in a tropical climate such as ours in the Philippines and most parts of Asia. 

For summer, the words are light, bright and flowery which depict the season itself. 

Penshoppe Short-Sleeved Choker Topo Whitney's Shop - Set : Ruffle Tank Top + Shorts Floral Bell Sleeve Off The Shoulder Blouse

Short and elbow sleeved blouses are casual wear favorites as well. And since the heat is on, maybe I could check out my summer wardrobe with my own closet finds. Or maybe update it with some summer wear buys.

What you wear does not always have to conform to the newest trends in fashion. Fashion is what makes you feel comfortable. And because fashion is art, it is the way you mix and match different styles and prints and different clothes with an artistic eye.   

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