Thursday, April 20, 2017


Allocating space for a home office is necessary when working freelance and doing home-based work. This allows you to have a quiet place to think and focus on your projects; let alone being bothered by your kids and other family members. I am a work-at-home mom so it was important for me to dedicate a small space of our living room where I can do my writing projects and organize some of my working stuff. 

Designing your home office depends on the amount of space you can have at home and where you want your home office to be. The living room and the bedroom are generally good locations for allotting space for a home office. It does not need to occupy a wide space. 

You can have a spacious home office if you have a big house. But for small apartments, an especially-designed home office nook should be enough to accommodate a functional working environment with just the basics - a bookshelf or two, a comfortable chair, a working table to put on your computer/laptop, a printer and a vertical tray or vertical file folders for your papers. Everything can be placed within your reach. 

And to make the most of your space, bookshelves can be attached to the wall where you can vertically or horizontally arrange important books and references and other decors. Consider hanging a whiteboard or corkboard on the wall to pin memos or important schedules for deadlines and meetups.

Adding creative details to the essentials of a home office will definitely produce a charming and serene workplace where you can seat for hours everyday doing your work.

You can visit these websites for home office design ideas

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