Saturday, January 26, 2019

What I like about Online Shopping


      I never knew how it is to go online shopping until I tried it just late last year. When I was all blown up due to pregnancy, it was difficult having to go around scouring department stores for clothes that suited my growing body. That was when I turned to online stores hoping to find what I wanted.  The second time around was December and for all we know everyone's gone busy again shopping for Christmas gifts and other necessities. Stores everywhere were filled with shoppers, the queues were so takes eternity waiting for a cab and there was traffic too.

      What's in it for online shopping? It's convenience.

      Shop from where you are.  I can shop from home or wherever I am and let the shops do the delivery. All I do is wait.

      There are lots of items offered. This depends on the kind of online store whether its a clothing store, a beauty and fragrances store, electronics store or a marketing platform that serves as an outlet for different online stores. Examples of these are:

      Shop in just a few minutes. Online shopping is similar to going around the different sections of a department store with your cart looking for the item you need. But instead of doing it physically, you're doing it electronically by just swiping on your smart phone's screen and browsing through the different product categories. When you're done shopping just choose the mode of payment, click on the ''buy now" button, confirm and you're good to go. Here are samples of their packaging and items I have bought online.


          You don't have to go far looking for what you need to buy.  These stores offer affordable prices and different discounts for the same item. That makes customers happy because it gives them a handful of choices. They too offer many good and attractive products which we don't easily find around.

      For those who like I do appreciate the benefits of online shopping and for those who would sooner want to try...

     Happy Shopping!

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