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Friday, December 6, 2019

My Friend Moose'r McDan Tour: An interview with Sky Danley

My Friend Moose'r McDan stopping today on my blog in partnership with The Children's Book Review and Sky Danley Productions.

Written by Sky Danley
Illustrated by Alli Coate
Publisher’s Synopsis: An aggressive hunter bear meets a gentle moose who is looking for a new friend. The moose is so friendly that the bear decides to drop his gun and stop hunting altogether. Instead, the bear learns that it’s more fun to just hang out with a new friend, playing games and enjoying nature. However, after the fall colors change, it’s time for the bear to go back home. The gentle moose is sad because he lost his play friend, so he is again looking for a new one. He invites whoever is reading the book to become his new friend.
Ages 5-6 | Publisher: Sky Danley Productions | October 8, 2019 | ISBN-13: 978-0997345100


An Interview with the Author, Sky Danley

1. What inspired you to write the book My Friend Moose'r
The Author: Michael 'Sky' Danley
Seeing all the violence in the world, all the aggression, all the pain it causes and imagining that there's a better way. I was inspired mostly by the concept of pacifism, similar to the ideology of John Lennon's song. Such as, imagine a world with no violence. How would you get there? It would have to involve the concept of friendship, the innate brotherhood of man.

2. What message does it have for children who have read the book?
The message is straightforward: that friendship is more fun than aggression. Deep down, children want to have fun, they are programmed to play, and I firmly believe they will choose fun over aggression if given a choice.

3. Do you prefer writing children's books, and why?
Yes, for two reasons. First, children are very visual, and I admire the art of visuals. Second, children are very imaginative, and I absolutely love the concept of imagination because you can't change the world if you can't first imagine it, and I'd like to change the world, make it better.
I should note that in this endeavor, I try very hard to make my stories childlike, not childish, but childlike, which involves visual imagination.

4. Were there inspirations why you chose animal characters for your books?
I was living in rural Maine at the time, and there were many moose and bear in the adjoining woods. Additionally, it's based on a real-life conflict between an aggressive Russian Bear Bomber and the American Moose Jet it met.

5. What message do you have for parents or teachers who intend to encourage children to read?
I think you should make reading fun by allowing the child to be a child. As adults, we tend to want children to sit down and focus on the task until it's done, but a child's mind, the child's imagination, is programmed to wander. I say let it wander, which makes the task more fun, which encourages more reading. As a general rule, the more you do of something, the better you get.

You can follow the author on his official links:

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